Cyber Security

Understands your business.
Maximizes business continuity.

In Norse mythology the raven Muninn oversees the world and reports important events back to the god Odin.

The Muninn AI platform oversees your entire digital infrastructure and protects critical business assets from disruptive cyber-attacks.

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Self-learning Cyber Security

Trusted to protect critical infrastructure, Muninn AI is a self-learning cyber-AI that autonomously detects and responds to novel threats.
Organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on Muninn to detect and stop the most sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time.

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Blocks Ransomware
in Real Time

Every day, Muninn detects and neutralizes fast-moving ransomware attacks. Cyber-AI is the only technology capable of detecting and surgically responding to the newest strains of ransomware, while ensuring that business operations continue uninterrupted.

Learn how to protect against Ransomware

Protects the Remote Workforce

Business activities often take place outside the corporate network, rendering the traditional network perimeter obsolete. Muninn protects all digital environments, including cloud, SaaS, and remote endpoints off the VPN.
Protect your remote workforce

Protecting your Cloud with AI

Muninn delivers AI protection to your cloud-based and hybrid infrastructures.

Cloud protection with Muninn AI

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Machine Speed Response

Cyber criminals constantly deploy new and increasingly sophisticated methods to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. Security teams need AI to autonomously block tomorrow’s machine-speed cyber threats.

Muninn AI Prevent  fights back against cyber-attacks in seconds – without disrupting IT-operations. Provides 24/7 protection when your team cannot react fast enough.
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