Muninn Stops Hackers When They are Already Inside Your Network.
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Safeguard your Business with Muninn

Enhance your defenses with our Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions. Instantly calculate your personalized price estimate with our online tool.

At Muninn, we specialize in preemptively identifying and neutralizing cyberthreats, ensuring your business remains secure and resilient. Our automated systems provide rapid incident response and comprehensive security tailored to your needs.

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"Muninn AI provides us with a comprehensive overview of our network..."

“Muninn AI provides us with a comprehensive overview of our network without drowning us with alerts for known, accepted observations. We are now able to see and act on unusual activities, for instance if one of our devices sends an unusual amount of data to an unknown destination outside of our network.”
Horten Law Firm
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"Muninn is a key tool for the Danish healthcare sector..."

“Muninn is a key tool for the Danish healthcare sector and the collaboration across the healthcare sector. Muninn is used to detect potential cybercriminals aiming to harm the sector. It offers the actual knowledge of what happens in the networks in near real-time and the ability to pair this knowledge with currents threats and vulnerabilities gives the ability to prioritize resources and attention in the best way possible.”
The Danish Health Data Authority