Board of Directors

Andreas F. Wehowsky

CEO & founder of Muninn,  member of the board

Mr. Wehowsky in an entrepreneur with a MSc degree in computer science and aerospace engineering from M.I.T. Upon completing his degree, he was contracted by the Danish Ministry of Defense where he developed the precursor to Muninn for protection of critical Danish infrastructure. He co-founded Muninn with Lars Thrane, is the CEO since 2016 and has 20+ years of professional experience with AI and Machine Learning implementations and enterprise IT projects.

Lars Thrane

Co-founder & investor, member of the board

Mr. Thrane is a Danish entrepreneur and pioneer in high-performance satellite communication systems. He founded Thrane & Thrane A/S in 1981 and quickly became the world-leader in satcom systems with 700+ employees. He sold his company to the British satellite communications company Cobham in 2012. Since then, Mr. Thrane has invested in startups and founded Lars Thrane A/S in 2014, which manufactures navigational sensors with state-of-the art digital filtering technology. He holds a MSc in electrical engineering and a PhD in Electronics from the Technical University of Denmark.

Ulf Munkedal

Investor & chairman of the board

Mr. Munkedal is a Danish entrepreneur in cyber security and founded FortConsult in 2002 which was sold to British information security conglomerate NCC Group in 2014. Mr. Munkedal holds a BSc in computer software engineering and has over 20 years of experience in cyber security. Today he invests in start-ups and sits on the boards of CodeSealer A/S and He is also a member of DanBAN (Danish Business Angel Network).

Tomas Boye

Member of the board

Mr. Boye is a the CEO of AXON Networks and has over 25 years of experience with sales and strategic commercial development of IT companies with past CSO & CEO roles in companies such as Cisco Systems, GreenWave Systems and NCC Group.

Anders Bach Waagstein

Member of the board

Mr. Bach Waagstein holds a Master of Business Administration and Philosophy and has experience investing in early tech startups, operating international e-business and heading digital transformation. Mr. Bach Waagstein has led teams of specialists generating +€100 M in annual revenue and co-founded two tech startups, one of which was a recruiting portal sold to a Mecom subsidiary and the other an e-commerce video platform. Today he is Investment Director at PreSeed Ventures, one of Denmark’s leading venture capital firms.