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Muninn AI protects a Scandinavian airline company from cyber-threats

A Scandinavian airline company specialized in transportation and passenger flights wants to improve its cybersecurity defense.

The airline is vital for providing reliable transportation to specific areas and they have business flight routes in Scandinavia. The company also specializes in the offshore industry in relation to helicopter transport and they are rapidly expanding their business.

While the pandemic drove a global slowdown in air travel, there was no decrease in the level of attacks against aviation networks and operational technologies according to AISAC.

More connected devices mean more attack vectors

In general, a major cybersecurity concern for airlines is company reputation. No company wants to have their brand associated with data breaches. Technology in the aviation industry is changing faster than ever before, and companies need to follow the trend to stay competitive. In order to succeed, it is essential to have a new perspective on IT-cybersecurity. The aircraft industry used to be well protected towards cyberthreats by using aviation specific technologies and keeping the most critical systems isolated.

As more devices connect to the internet and the need for in-flight connectivity has become a norm, it is imperative more than ever before to have a detailed overview of and control over the company network. The industry evolves with constant new requirements and mandatory upgrades of critical systems exposing a wide range of new threats. Airlines corporations must adopt new technologies and meet new requirements to stay competitive, which calls for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

"Muninn AI provides an instant, real-time picture of our network security and thereby enables us to stay ahead of advanced cyber-attacks."

- CIO, Airline Company

Top Five Priorities for Aviation CISOs

As the airline industry is slowly recovering from the losses due to the pandemic, AISAC has advised aviation industry CISOs to focus on these areas of their organizations, in order to ensure business continuity.

→ Security Operations Center
→ Identity & Access Management
→ Culture & Organizational Security Shift
→ Network Transformation
→ Asset/Vulnerability Management

AI Prevention in real-time

With Muninn implemented, the airline company is able to identify weaknesses in their networks before they become problematic. A breach in vital infrastructure such as servers for operations and booking systems will lead to revenue loss and brand equity loss.

To combat this, Muninn enforces security policies with Muninn AI Prevent and strengthens the Network Security Baseline by learning the behavior of the network and reporting what is not normal. Muninn is able to find and report if sensitive data is threatened, or other critical parts of the network need to be updated - before they become a problem.

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