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How Muninn AI protects DANX to ensure business continuity

DANX became a pioneer in Denmark as the first in-night distributor of spare parts and it was not long before companies with great servicing responsibilities for their customers – e.g. car manufacturers, white goods, and the IT industry - recognised the opportunities and benefits of partnering with DANX and the promise of 99.5 % on time performance.

DANX now covers seven countries and deploy more than 6000 service vans daily, and the company has actively looked for new cyber technologies in order to ensure continuity in the wake of accelerating ransomware-attacks and other debilitating cyber-threats.

The main challenges for DANX to consider when choosing Muninn:

→ Dynamic workforce responsible for handling sensitive client information
→ Targeted by sophisticated and tailored phishing attacks
→ Implemented AI to protect every corner of the organization

Supply chain are sensitive to disprutions due to  cyber-threats

As the divide between the physical and digital worlds has blurred, we've seen a shift away from traditional supply chains and toward digital supply networks, transforming linear supply chains into linked ecosystems. Risk management in the supply chain is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of this. There could be thousands of various third, fourth, and fifth parties to consider for major organizations. The risk increases as more connected components communicate and store data, and the attack surfaces expand.

“GDPR requirements made it imperative for us to have a better overview of all network activity. Muninn AI delivers this overview and enables us to quickly identify and respond to threats against our network.”


 The following is an interview with DANX's CIO on why they chose Muninn

Which IT-security challenges did you face prior to the acquisition of Muninn?

We needed to know what happened in our corporate network. Who do we communicate with and how could we, in terms of a data breach, provide the necessary documentation to support our GDPR process. In order to be GDPR compliant, we needed a technology which could support this which is one of the main reasons for the implementation of Muninn.

What increased your interest for cyber-security solutions?

GDPR has for long been a topic which is discussed in various forums. I participate in a network group in which IT security, hence GDPR is one of the main discussions. We are addressing which solutions does exist in the market, what our business requirements are and how different technologies solves these challenges. All in all, these discussions let us investigate which intelligent network monitoring solutions were available hence our final selection of Muninn.

"The collaboration with Muninn is very positive with a short response time. We consider Muninn as a close business collaboration which is aligned with our demands for IT-security."

Which IT-security solutions did you have before?

Our IT security consisted of a standard endpoint and firewall solution. We also used Wireshark in order to detect unusual behavior in our network, however this was a very time consuming and a manual process, hence we were looking for a technology which could conduct this process automatically. We were looking for a solution that could perform a realtime capture of our network and provide intelligence on the data traffic.

Why did you select Muninn?

The short answer is; an economical perspective. During the selection process of an intelligent network technology, we compared different vendors and Muninn was the obvious choice as the technology fulfils our IT security needs with an attractive price licensing.

What value does Muninn provide?

The insight into our corporate network traffic was imperative and Muninn provides the intelligence we needed in order to detect and block anomalies. Furthermore, we know exactly what is going on and it provides the ability to react on the actual threats against our corporation.

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