Muninn AI Detect

Self-learning AI technology cyber-defense.

Next-generation cyber-threat detection with AI

Muninn AI Detect is a self-learning technology for cyber-defense that delivers full visibility across the entire digital infrastructure. Powered by artificial intelligence, Muninn autonomously learns the unique behaviors of each device and user in order to detect unknown cyber-threats at the earliest stages.

Muninn finds cyber-threats including software and network vulnerabilities, abnormal user behavior and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

→ Abnormal user behavior such as data breaches and exfiltration from within a network, e.g. large file transfers to a remote server

→ Access to a database server and other services outside normal working hours

→ Newly introduced services in the network, e.g. an SMTP or FTP file server

→ Botnets and malware communicating through dark nets such as Tor

→ APT, including remote access toolkits communicating with foreign command and control entities over time

→ Previously unidentified & dormant threats

The Muninn AI Universe

Unlike legacy tools that depend on rules and signatures, Muninn learns from the data it gathers from your network, building a contextual understanding of your organization’s digital infrastructure. This approach enables Muninn to see even the most advanced and stealthy cyber-attacks.

Constantly evolving and learning network norms

Muninn continously updates its understanding of your business

Monitors the entire infrastructure

Discovers indicators of compromise across digital environments.

Detects unknown and dormant threats

Muninn AI detects zero-days and other unknown threats

Internal threats and stealthy data exfiltration

Finds anomalies within the organization that might be potential threats

Stolen cloud credentials and access detection

Detects maliciously cloud activity such as data exfiltration and unauthorized access.

Real-time ransomware detection and prevention

Spots indicators of ransomware before the attack becomes a full-blown crisis.

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Muninn AI Detect protects your entire enterprise from cyber threats, including SaaS, Cloud services, the on-premise corporate network, and endpoints.

Founded in 2016 by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Muninn builds on technologies that were once reserved for nation-state defense organizations and makes them available to all types of companies and public organizations. Global companies rely on Muninn to safeguard critical digital assets and infrastructures.
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