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Most organizations find genuine cyber threats or latent vulnerabilities within the 30-day Proof of Value.

  • Full visibility of your entire network
  • Dedicated cyber consultant throughout the trial
  • Full security report based on Muninn AI findings
  • Deployed on your network within an hour​

Constantly evolving and learning network norms

Muninn continously updates its understanding of your business

Monitors the entire infrastructure

Discovers indicators of compromise across digital environments

Detects unknown and dormant threats

Muninn AI detects zero-days and other unknown threats

Internal threats and stealthy data exfiltration

Finds anomalies within the organization that might be potential threats

Stolen cloud credentials and access detection

Detects maliciously cloud activity such as data exfiltration and unauthorized access

Real-time ransomware detection and prevention

Spots indicators of ransomware before the attack becomes a full-blown crisis

During the test period, Muninn AI will help your organization harden the network and identify potential threats.

Proof-of-Value Process


Defining the coverage according to your organization's needs.


The setup and real-time identification of threats and attack prevention.


Demonstration of Muninn AI in live environment.


Free Executive Report made by our Cyber Security Experts.


Completion of Proof-of-Value process and next steps.