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How Muninn AI protects Horten Law Firm from cyber threats

From stealthy data theft to ransomware attacks capable of encrypting business critical devices in a matter of seconds, a cyber-attack could mean the difference between Horten winning and losing a case.

Keeping intruders out is therefore paramount. Horten’s many lawyers have always been incredibly dynamic, often working late hours at the company headquarters or onsite at their clients’ offices.

The IT department therefore needed an extensive and unified solution that stops cyber-criminals – regardless of where they attempt to enter the network.

Horten is one of the biggest Danish law firms with both national and international focus.

→ Dynamic workforce responsible for handling sensitive client information
→ Targeted by sophisticated and tailored phishing attacks
→ Implemented AI to protect every corner of the organization

Next-generation AI Protection

Horten turned to self-learning AI to detect and respond to novel cyber-threats in real time, without relying solely on rules and signatures. Following a swift deployment, Muninn instantly started learning the normal network behaviors of every user and device connecting to Horten’s infrastructure. By autonomously learning what normal network traffic looks like, Muninn AI detects subtle indications of a potential cyber attack such as data exfiltration and zero-day malware, before such intrusions become a crisis for Horten.

"I was fascinated by how AI autonomously distinguishes usual from unusual behavior. Muninn does a lot of the threat hunting for us, allowing us to spend our time on high level IT-projects. Also, Muninn helps us quickly identify unknown as well as known attacks."

- CIO, Horten Law Firm

An intellectual industry at risk

Cyber attacks against law firms are not a new phenomenon, but the rate of incidence and year-over-year growth is staggering.

In fact, according to the ABA, up to 42% of law firms with up to 100 employees have experienced a data breach.

Cyber-criminals pose a daily threat to law firms around the world, thus active investments in protective cyber technology is expected to increase this year.

Automating Security

Muninn seamlessly integrates with other security tools such as switches and endpoint agents via an open technology architecture, acting as the AI brain of the security infrastructure.

By having Muninn AI  autonomously and continuously learning normal network behaviors and responding to high severity alerts, Horten’s security team can spend more of their valuable time on strategically important tasks.

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