Early Intrusion Detect with Muninn AI Detect

If only there was a system which could automatically detect and stop the hackers from getting as far as actually executing their ransomware code on many devices or transmitting large amounts of sensitive data out of the company. Early intrusion detection is the finer of the arts of cyber and is not easy. Hackers do their best to test their software and movements against the traditional signature virus scanners and use new services, websites, IPs and tools to avoid detection.

At Muninn, we have developed a comprehensive system of checks and balances to prevent hackers from early success. Muninn does not necessarily replace your traditional AV / EDR / Firewall / Mail scanning / SIEM systems – but truly brings additional value by looking inside the complete network traffic picture at both traditional hacker lateral movement techniques, and elevation of rights attempts.

Muninn detects indicators of malicious data exfiltration such as:

→ Previously unidentified & dormant threats
→ Botnets and malware communicating through dark nets such as Tor
→ Latent 0-days which exhibit abnormal behavior

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Muninn AI Detect even finds  the smaller deviations hackers invariably cause when compared to normal device use, by taking over control of “patient zero” and from there – trying to move into total control of the IT network and make your company suffer the full brunt of their attack.

You are welcome to get a complete look “under the hood” of our technology through a free trial – as well as a session with some of our technology experts to hear how we can add value to your cyber defense.