Muninn AI Endpoint Agent

Detects and responds to cyber-threats targeting endpoints.
Speeds up threat investigations.

Next-generation cyber-threat detection with AI

Muninn AI Endpoint Agent harnesses data generated by the client devices on your network, helping security teams identify the exact processes and applications that initiated the unusual and potentially malicious activities displayed in the Muninn dashboard.  

Muninn AI Endpoint Agent covers branch offices and employees working off the VPN, extending the coverage of Muninn AI Detect. The lightweight endpoint agent delivers visibility of the distributed workforce, enabling IT-teams to identify malicious activities before the infected device reconnects to the corporate network.  

Covers branch offices and remote workers

Identifies compromised processes on the endpoints

Protects hard to cover on-prem server infrastructure

Provides visibility of suspicious activities off the VPN

Identify compromised processes

Muninn AI Endpoint Agent analyses real-time traffic of all managed endpoints, adding valuable context to network traffic. By analyzing processes taking place within the endpoint, Muninn can instantly discern whether a specific process is malicious or benign.

“Muninn AI Endpoint helps us manage security as the organization transitions to more flexible modes of working.”

- Leading Danish C25 company

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Muninn protects your entire enterprise from cyber threats, including SaaS, Cloud services, the on-premise corporate network, and endpoints.

Founded in 2016 by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Muninn builds on technologies that were once reserved for nation-state defense organizations and makes them available to all types of companies and public organizations. Global companies rely on Muninn to safeguard critical digital assets and infrastructures.
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