Muninn AI for Cloud Environments

Protects hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Muninn AI protects protects Cloud environments across Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud.

Muninn mirrors and continuously analyzes traffic across cloud environments to accurately pinpoint emerging threats.

AI-powered cloud security  Muninn AI engines autonomously model the normal behavior of users, devices, containers, and instances to identify and respond to cyber-threats in real time. AI-protection across cloud environments Sophisticated attacks can emerge anywhere in your company’s complex infrastructure and traverse IT-environments. The threat actor may target a vulnerable endpoint and subsequently target an Azure-instance.

Muninn AI delivers full visibility across environments, including SaaS, cloud infrastructure, corporate networks, OT-environments, and endpoints, enabling security teams to spot threats regardless of how they enter the organization.

Muninn AI for Cloud use cases:

Blocks novel cyber threats in real- time

Picks up suspicious activities conducted by malicious insiders,, e.g. unusual downloads of intellectual property.

Detects Data Exfiltration

Detects unusual connections and data transfers in your cloud environments.

Stolen Cloud credentials

Identifies unusual authentication activity, brute force attempts, and impossible travel.