Muninn AI Prevent

Defends your digital infrastructure 24/7. Autonomously interrupts machine-speed attacks.

AI Protection for your enterprise

Muninn AI Prevent acts as the AI-hub of the entire security stack. Through integrations, Muninn seamlessly adds AI power to your existing defense infrastructure. The self-learning AI responds through firewalls, software defined networks, and network devices such as switches and routers.

Tactical Defense Mechanism

Muninn AI Prevent swiftly and intelligently neutralizes novel cyber-threats. Crucial to keeping pace with machine speed attacks, Muninn AI Prevent responds in a matter of seconds, enabling your security team to stay two steps ahead of the cyber-criminals.
Muninn AI delivers extensive business coverage - also to the remote workforce. With easy deployment options for the corporate network, cloud environments and endpoints off the VPN, Muninn AI Prevent protects every corner of your business.
"Even advanced persistent threats and entirely novel attacks get stopped in their tracks. Muninn AI Prevent responds to suspicious incidents across the entire network in a matter of seconds."

- Head of Group IT, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

Founded in 2016 by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Muninn builds AI technologies that were once reserved for nation state defense organizations and makes them available to all types of companies and public organizations. Global companies rely on Muninn to safeguard critical digital assets and infrastructures.