Muninn AI for Network

Provides real-time visibility of your entire digital infrastructure.
Responds intelligently to sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Your Machine Speed AI-powered 24/7 SOC & Response

Muninn AI Detect identifies cyber-threats that it has never seen before, for instance novel ransomware attacks. Regardless of how the threat enters your corporate network, Muninn AI Prevent leverages a profound understanding of how your corporate network normally operates to interrupt emerging cyber-threats, enabling a targeted response that doesn’t interrupt business operations.

Detects novel cyber-threats

AI identifies 0-days and insider threats.

Neutralizes attacks in real-time

Stops advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Extensive cyber protection

AI protection across the entire business network.

AI protection for your distributed workforce

Muninn AI delivers extensive business coverage - also to the remote workforce. With easy deployment options for the corporate network, cloud environments and endpoints off the VPN, Muninn protects every corner of your business.