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Muninn cyber security to protect entire Danish public healthcare sector

Muninn cyber security to protect entire Danish public healthcare sector

May 30, 2022

Muninn & NNIT have won a tender to provide AI-based cyber security to protect the entire Danish public healthcare sector covering 142,000 employees and over 650,000 devices to begin with and set to rise over the years to more than twice that size.

In a partnership with NNIT, Muninn will be delivering a solution to support the analysis and monitoring of network data for anomalies across the entire public healthcare sector, starting with the five regions and progressing to as many actors as possible, including government agencies, municipalities, and general practitioners. 

“The threat from cyber criminals is more present than ever and protecting the systems and data in the public health care sector is a crucial part of the Danish national cyber defense strategy. Therefore, we are extremely proud to have been selected to protect the Danish public healthcare sector with our cyber security technology.”

- Muninn CEO, Andreas F. Wehowsky

Specifically, Muninn will be supplying appliance boxes with cyber AI detection software to monitor and detect anomalies in network data. NNIT will be establishing a data analysis center to process intel, before forwarding any suspicious activity to the Danish Health Data Authority’s own security operations center for evaluation of risk and possible counter defense initiatives.

This new government contract is an initiative and investment emerging from the Danish Government’s new national strategy for cyber and information security, which has the robust protection of Danish critical infrastructure as its first order. Besides the healthcare sector, other critical infrastructure sectors labelled are Telecom, Financial, Energy &Utility-, Transportation, Shipping. 

“We are proud of the trust in our team and cyber AI solution. This contract cements our strong position in Denmark. We look forward to working with both NNIT and the health authorities to protect this critical infrastructure”

- Andreas F. Wehowsky

The contract runs for four years with a possibility for extension. The full-term contract, including the possibility to extend, has a collective worth of a low three-digit DKK million amount.

About NNIT

The NNIT Group provides a wide range of IT and consulting services internationally. They develop, implement, operate, and advise on IT solutions across industries in 12 countries worldwide and employ more than 3,000 people. NNIT, headquartered in Denmark, trace their origins to the Novo Nordisk Group, and for more than 25 years, they have vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry to specialized in IT solutions for a broad range of industries in which quality and security are top priorities.

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About The Danish Health Data Authority

The Danish Health Data Authority works to ensure better health for the Danish citizens through the use of data and by creating digital coherence in the healthcare sector. The use of health data is a key element in the Danish healthcare system, and Denmark has some of the most comprehensive health registers in the world. The Danish Health Data Authority is a part of The Ministry of Health.

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About Muninn

Muninn is a Denmark-based company which builds AI technologies that empower companies to protect their critical digital assets and infrastructures from cyber criminals. Our solutions leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence to detect and neutralize the full spectrum of potential attacks, including ransomware and data leakage, helping Danish and international clients to stay two steps ahead of the cyber criminals.