Muninn for Office

Our AI lives and breathes 24/7 protection for office environments of all types.

Covers all types offices - remote included

Covering your entire estate from office networks to remote workers inside or outside the network, to Cloud, SaaS and the likes of Microsoft365, Servers (physical and virtual), IoT, OT and Maritime – a complete umbrella of unique protection is extended as all traffic between all devices and to and from the internet is analyzed by behavior in real-time – and the worst threats are blocked in real-time.

Simple to use and set up – yet highly advanced and unique

Muninn is as an agentless solution with fast installation process – yet it delivers highly complex security blocks, which reacts on machine-speed threats instantly. We are proud to say that we serve and protect customers from all kinds of vertical and sectors, both from the public and private sector.

Monitors the entire

Discovers indicators of compromise across digital environments.

Detects unknown
and dormant threats

AI detects stealthy attacks and insider threats.

Constantly evolving and
learning network norms

Muninn continuously updates its understanding of your business.

The Typical Office Network – how we cover it

One of the main vectors of attack is through the office PCs where users install programs, receive mails with attachments, insert USB sticks and surf insecure WIFI hotspots. Muninn comes in as an added layer of cyber defense, not replacing AV, EDR, mail-scanning, firewalls or SIEM, but coming in with a unique perspective by deeply analyzing the entirety of all network traffic – even capturing and storing all that traffic. This happens through setting up one or more sensors that are connected to the core network switch.

This switch is configured to do a SPAN / MIRROR session and sends all the data it sees to the Muninn AI physical or virtual sensor. Additional coverage, when a device is not on the network, is achieved through our Muninn AI Endpoint agent. SaaS / Cloud services are captured through various integrations and connectors. As our AI is enabled, and Muninn AI Prevent is enabled, the hackers have a significantly tougher time getting anywhere inside your network.