Press Releases changes name to Muninn

August 27th, 2021

The AI company,, which protects global companies against ransomware, changes names to Muninn to build a stronger international brand.

In Norse mythology Muninn is one of Odins two ravens that hover over the worlds of the gods and people. Muninn sees all but only tells the relevant events to Odin.
Just like the raven, Muninn, watches over Midgaard – Muninn AI Detect watches over the digital infrastructure of companies and sends out a relevant alert, when the system discovers unwanted guests.
The Muninn sensor is a software solution which listens to a company’s network and cloud traffic. Using artificial intelligence, Muninn sees when something happens on the network which is not normal and then shuts down infected devices through the Muninn AI Prevent engine.

Global Ambitions has moved from primarily servicing small and medium sized companies to selling to giants in Denmark and abroad. That is why the visual and name identity needed an upgrade.
“We are facing a big and rapid expansion globally. Our organization needs to be able to handle larger and larger customers. After we landed our first major global corporation with more than 10.000 employees, we are focusing more and more on the enterprise segment. Therefore, we needed a more internationally friendly name, which also signals Nordic quality", says Andreas Wehowsky.

New Round of Investments

Muninn received a new investment in March 2021 from PreSeed Ventures. This will double the number of employees from the present 11 and further boost the sales.
“The latest investment enables us to strengthen Muninn’s position on the global market, so we can be among the five most dominant players in AI-based Cyber Security”, says Andreas Wehowsky.

We will soon launch both Muninn AI Endpoint and Muninn AI Anti Phishing – much more info to come.