Protect your
SaaS universe
with Muninn AI

Muninn AI for SaaS applications

Muninn protects your evolving workforce from sophisticated attacks that evade traditional signature or policy based solutions.

→ Insider threats
→ Stolen and compromised credentials
→ Data loss and exfiltration

The cloud in all its various forms is often unfamiliar territory for traditional security teams, and traditional security tools and practices are either not applicable to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, or too slow or siloed to defend these environments against advanced attacks.  While cloud-native security solutions often help with compliance and log-based analytics, their limited scope and reliance on rules and signatures mean that they fail to detect novel threats and subtle insiders at an early stage.

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft 365

AI defense for the entire workforce

→ AI detects and stops threats in cloud and collaboration tools
→ Autonomously understands normal behaviors associated with cloud accounts
→ Protects the remote workforce
"Even advanced persistent threats and entirely novel attacks get stopped in their tracks. Muninn AI Prevent responds to suspicious incidents across the entire network in a matter of seconds."

- Head of Group IT, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

Muninn AI delivers extensive business coverage - also to the remote workforce. With easy deployment options for the corporate network, cloud environments and endpoints off the VPN, Muninn AI AutoPrevent protects every corner of your business.