Muninn reveals Data Exfiltration

How Muninn detects and prevents Data Exfiltration

Data exfiltration along with ransomware attacks are among the biggest fears for today’s boards, CEOs, CISOs, IT managers, and Cyber Security Specialists. We are in a real war where the threat of industrial espionage is real and is the order of the day.

The costs of achieved data exfiltration can be crippling to a company or public institution getting company IP or sensitive personal data stolen can lead to loss of the competitive edge or large GDPR fines, loss of good reputation, loss of sales, downtime and much more.

Muninn AI Detect automatically monitors and measures the behavior of every device in your network – be it on prem, cloud, hybrid or remote, IT, IoT or OT with both supervised and unsupervised machine learning– as well as with scripts with set thresholds developed by our team of cyber security experts.

Muninn detects indicators of malicious data exfiltration such as:

→ Abnormal user behavior such as data breaches and exfiltration from within a network, e.g. large file transfers to a remote server

→ Access to a database server and other services outside normal working hours

→ Newly introduced services in the network, e.g. an SMTP or FTP file server

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