Muninn reveals Data Exfiltration

Data Exfiltration

Data exfiltration along with ransomware attacks are among the biggest fears for today’s boards, CEOs, CISOs, IT managers, and Cyber Security Specialists. We are in a real war where the threat of industrial espionage is real and is the order of the day. The costs of achieved data exfiltration can be crippling to a company or public institution getting company IP or sensitive personal data stolen can lead to loss of the competitive edge or large GDPR fines, loss of good reputation, loss of sales, downtime and much more.

Muninn AI Detect automatically monitors and measures the behavior of every device in your network – be it on prem, cloud, hybrid or remote, IT, IoT or OT with both supervised and unsupervised machine learning– as well as with scripts with set thresholds developed by our team of cyber security experts.

Muninn automatically builds a picture of the normal behavior of each device and then alerts you to the cyber related suspicious behavior which relates to data exfiltration. Since this type of hacking is typically done by well versed hackers, using the latest AI technology to find and respond to the smaller anomalies they do create is necessary to not drown in the extreme amounts of data you would otherwise have to manually process.

A long range of alert types are built into the fabric of our software to ensure attempted data exfiltration is both discovered and even blocked by Muninn AI Prevent – in real time.

You are welcome to see how for yourself by ordering a free trial.